Care About What?

They key word here is not care it’s people, or better yet persons. As a startup its easy to only have the money in sight. The problem with that is, your potential customer is not scouring around the internet looking where they can drop their bucks. We are servants to those we supply our products and services to and as one who serves, putting a person’s needs in front of our own is how we get what we need. True, if we only give with out strategy we have probably created a problematic situation.

This is where understanding you audience come in handy. Knowing what your audience wants allow you to provide them the essentials. Our strategy here at Tior is built on a foundation of giving extreme value upfront. Using resources like Facebook Audience Research Tools and Instagrams #Hashtags we can dig deep into the thoughts of our true audience. When creating a campaign around selling a template to married couples a few mandatory issues had to be addressed.

  1. Do they need a website?
  2. Do they want a website?
  3. What is the conversation around weddings?

The Wedding Conversation

The harsh reality was no one wanted or cared about having a website created for their wedding. They were more concerned with having great photography, capturing stunning video, who was going to DJ… Everything but what we were great a creating. As we began to dig into the conversations (Instagram Hashtags) we noticed another trend. Engagements. Men were going through elaborate lengths to create this dynamic once in-a-lifetime experience called the proposal. Bing’ the bright light was turned on. Its all about the before the wedding experience, for us anyway. What if we could create a service that didn’t exist, that the community was asking for.

Here are some great proposal we found while researching


After finding the need we had to provide a great to get the message across. The best way to do this is one taken from our CEO’s role model Gary Vaynerchuck’s Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. Give, give, give, ask!

Giving the best information and resources we reached out to some of the leaders of the space. Joining the communities that were most active and simply being a part of the overall #engagement # proposal conversations on social networks.

We created a engagement website service and a product that would reflect the conversations we were having in the community with a website that would provide the engaged a platform to accomplish the several most important aspects of the pre-marriage lifestyle. What if we could help cut cost and streamline aspects like:

  • where can I find your proposal video?
  • Where can I find out where your registries are?
  • Where can I find out about your story
  • Who’s The Groomsmen and Bridesmaids
  • What hotel accommodations do you recommend
  • Last but not least the RSVP